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Kenji is an eternally living supervillain and scientist from the far future who travels between worlds and clones himself, his goal is to rule and influence all worlds in parallel universes because he sees himself as the savior of the superior race and humanity.


The 4500 KENJI collection stoned on the Solana blockchain.

First of all, our project is FREE MINT because it is our first project. We don't want to hurt people by making the slightest mistake. And what we really want is to raise our vision. The world of NFT is very large and more and more people are getting to know this world day by day. And we want to leave a mark on the NFT world. Since the project is free mint, we have not determined a definite ROADMAP at the moment. But I can say with certainty that we will present our second project only to this project holders. After the project is out, we will determine our roadmap. We want to prepare our roadmap for the society in the best way by taking suggestions from you. 

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Meet the Team

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